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AntennaLab  is an integrated package of hardware and software for teaching and demonstrating common antenna configurations at all levels of study. It can also be used as a design tool by those engaged in research and development of antenna systems....Read more

Trunk Network System

The Trunks Network Board has three transit switches and extends the work to cover transit switching and signalling. The system can be configured as four local switching centres, to cover simple transit switching, two level transit switching, non-associated signalling and the use of ITU-T type transaction capability messages to control system testing..... Read more

Microwave Trainer

This training system allows the user to investigate the principles of microwave transmission systems, such as those used in radar and communications links. It is a precision-made system, which uses standard type WG16(WR90) waveguide components to illustrate the essential elements within this field of study.
It is completely self-contained and provides the means to allow students to carry-out realistic practical work.....Read more

Optical Fibre Trainer

The Optical Fibre Trainer OFT is a powerful, versatile and cost-effective experimental kit used to train students in the principles of fibre optics, through the basics of digital base and communications, onto advanced experimentation and development in fibre optic and digital communications....Read more

LAN-T Trainer

The LAN-T trainer is useful for study and development of reliable data transfer protocols, networking layers and applications. The Trainer exposes users to networking concepts at the physical, MAC network and transport layers, through a series of designed experiments. The experiments reinforce the theory covered in lectures, while the ‘hands-on’ programming exercises train students to industry level. The trainer can also be used for project work involving many layers of the network hierarchy.......Read more