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Instrumentation & Control


The Twin Rotor System demonstrates the principles of a non-linear MIMO system, with significant cross-coupling. Its behaviour resembles a helicopter but the angle of attack of the rotors is fixed and the aerodynamic forces are controlled by varying the speeds of the motors. ...........Read more


          • Classic multivariable system
          • Non-linear processes
          • Closed loop identification
          • High resolution with optical

The Digital Pendulum is a modern version of a classical control problem; that of erecting and balancing a free swinging pendulum in its inverted position or moving a hanging pendulum in a controlled manner....Read more

    • Dual mode system - crane or inverted pendulum
    • Self-erecting pendulum mode
    • Extensive MATLAB toolboxes are available from The MathWorks Inc.
    • An ideal vehicle for both laboratory and project work